Monday, March 16, 2009

Is she walking yet??

Well, it depends on the day. Some days all she will do is walk...everywhere she goes, she has to walk. And then the next day she will only crawl. Today was a walking day until her dad came home and then she was running around the house. She always gets so excited when he gets home.

What Happens in Vegas...

This last weekend Luke and I went down to Las Vegas. It is our anniversary next week and we had been wanting to get away, so when one of my good friends invited us to her wedding, we decided to go. We really only had one full day in Vegas but it was still nice to get away. We went to the wedding in the Las Vegas Temple in the morning, visited Hoover Dam (Luke had never been there) in the afternoon, and went to a hypnotist show at night. It was great getting away just the two of us but we were so excited get back and see Claire.

Doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL!!
I met Joanna about five years ago when we attended a BYU travel study program in Nauvoo. We became good friends when I wanted to go home to my brother's wedding (actually I was going crazy being away from Luke and my brother's wedding was the perfect excuse to go home) and Joanna and Chelsea needed to go home for something too. I was the only one old enough to rent a car so we split the cost of the rental and drove the three hours to the airport. When we weren't on a bus traveling around to see historic sights, I was usually found in Joanna and Chelsea's room hanging out. I can't even remember how many times we stayed up all night watching the 'Santa Clause' movie while doing homework and sneaking into the cafeteria to eat the leftover pie that was kept in the fridge.
We love you Joanna and are so happy for you.

Here's my hot hubby!!! Makes me want to get grandpa's record player fixed so we can play the Elvis records we have packed away.

Playin' Outside

Claire absolutely loves being outside. For the last month or so, she will head for the front door and try to get out whenever someone comes over. So we were both excited when the weather was good today. I got to work in my garden and Claire tagged along. She had so much fun!!