Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why I love my kids


1. She is always happy.

2. At chuck-e-cheese she was redeeming her tickets and she passed on the lipgloss, rings, bracelets, stickers, and necklaces, and instead she chose a plastic green beetle.

3. She loves sleeping with her face pressed up against something. She used to wake up with her face covered in mesh marks if she slept in a pack-n-play. Now she wakes up with bright red marks on her face from having it pressed up hard against the sides of her toddler bed.

4. She tells me and Luke constantly how much she loves us.

5. We go on walks and she will talk about totally random things. One of my favs was when we were walking to the library and she was planning out her 17th birthday party....a little mermaid party!! Maybe I will plan her a surprise little mermaid birthday party when she turns 17.

6. She changes her clothes all day long and at least 75% of them are pajamas. And at least 90% of the time they are on inside out or backwards or both. And yes, she does realize they are on wrong and she prefers it that way. I have learned to pick my battles and this is not one of them.

7. Each month she changes her mind on what she wants to be when she grows up. Some include pouring cement, cutting down trees, driving a garbage truck, and her latest is working at American burger. What can I say, she has high expectations for the future.

8. Claire: "Mom, I need the keys" (with mismatched shoes, my purse on one shoulder, and her stuffed animal in Crue's car seat that she is dragging towards the door.)

Me: Where you going

Claire: I am going to the store to get a drink. Can I get you anything?

9. She has great ideas. Here is her latest. She wants the sky and mountains to be prettier and wants to color them purple and pink. So the plan is to pick up her favorite babysitters and drive to the mountains, climb a ladder to get to the top of the mountain so she can touch the sky, color the sky and mountains with her crayons and markers, and then ride a slip n slide all the way to the bottom of the mountain until it ends at a really big bounce house. And she asks several times a day if we can do what she calls "My Really Great Plan"

10. She calls fruit loops "The Beautiful Cereal"


1. His favorite toy is a bag of potatoes and he knows exactly where they are kept and how to get to them.

2. He thinks he is just the coolest little boy when he can let go of the couch and balance himself.

3. He likes to follow around his sister because she will give him things that his mama wont.

4. He is going to have great baby abs. He likes to lay in the crib and lift both legs in the air and slam them back down. He will continue to do this until he is asleep.

5. Claire can get him to laugh so hard that milk comes out if his nose.

6. One evening he was in the excersaucer and he was throwing a fit. He was tired and fussy and just wanted me to hold him but I couldn't at the moment. So there he was whining away when Claire comes running through the kitchen and trips on absolutley nothing and falls flat on her face right in front of him. And Crue just bust up hard he had tears running down his face.

7. He gets so excited when me and Claire go get him in the morning and will just start laughing and bouncing up and down

8. He is extremely patient with his big sister and all the things she tries to do with/to him. But he sure lets her know when she has gone too far and he is sick of it.

9. He is always so happy and is the easiest baby ever!!

10. His smile just melts my heart.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Countdown

A new favorite tradition is the Christmas Book Countdown.  I saw it on a friends blog a few years ago and instantly fell in love with it.  What can I say, I LOVE BOOKS!!   It took me a year of collecting 24 Christmas books from here and there but it was totally worth it. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

And so it begins....

Last week Claire come up to me and whispered "Mom, I want you to come see the guy I love". What!! Did she really say what I thought she just said? Yep, she did! The guys she loves is on Little Rascals. I just assumed it would be Alfalfa or one of the other guys in the He-Man Woman Haters Club. But noooo. She drags me into the other room to show me this guy...

One of the bullies. The bad boy. And she is OBSESSED with him and defends him every time he comes on the tv and I happen to be in the room. I constantly hear "Mom, the guy I love is not a bowl" or "He is not a boss, Mom" or "I just love the color of his hands". The word 'bully' will not stay in her head and I'm not quite sure what the hand thing is about.

Her proclamation that she loves a guy was made even worse since earlier in the day while we were at Walmart she said "Mom, I decided that I really like bras. Can we me one today?"

Then the other day she told me what she wants for Christmas - a tent full of gummy worms, gummy bears, licorice, suckers, candy, chocolate, candy canes, and 'the guy that she loves' to sit in the tent and eat candy with her.

Then yesterday...
Claire: "Mom, If I push somebody then I should give him a hug when I say I'm sorry, right?"
Me: "Did you push somebody today at school"
Claire: "No, I didn't push Beckham.......but I am thinking about it"

I wasn't expecting this for at least a few more years.  Seriously where does she get this from!! 
Hmm, maybe we should just lock her in her room for the next twenty years or so.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

She Did It!!!

For months Claire has been telling us that Santa can come to our house this year to deliver presents  and she even said she would sit on his lap. (remember last year she brought Luke his phone and asked him to call Santa and tell him not to come) And last night at the Christmas party she followed through.  We are so proud of her.

She wouldn't actually sit on his lap but she did agree to stand by him as long as Daddy was right there too.  And look at the smile on her face!  I must say I am quite surprised considering the Santa meltdown she had while I was trying to do her hair before the party.  I guess she got all the anxiety and tears out of her system. 

And our little guy just stared at the jolly ol' guy. 

And then decided to give his beard a little tug and Santa was more than happy to get him off his lap.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


A quick little update on the rest of our November.

The day before Thanksgiving we got together with my mom and baked pies. As always, we had a great time. And I think we ended up making twelve pies. YUM!!!

And this little baker wanted to make her very own pie

For Family Home Evening we made thankful hand turkeys. Claire was very helpful at telling us what her brother is thankful for. 1- He can crawl 2- All his friends 3- His sister 4- Carpet 5-His mom and dad

We raked and played in the leaves.

There are two events at school in which Claire has been anxiously waiting her turn. One of them is when it is her turn to hold the flag...."and I will hold it so good that it won't even touch the floor". And the second event was when it would be her turn to bring treats. Well, treat time came and she was so excited to bring her turkey cookies. Oh, the things we do for our kiddos just to see a big smile. It was well worth staying up til midnight.

And we ended our November by bundling up the kids and heading out to see Santa come in to town on an old firetruck.