Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baseball Time

Two weeks ago we went to our first baseball game this season. As always, we had a blast. I love the whole atmosphere at the baseball games...the food, the snow cones, the lights on the field, and of course, the game.

Claire's favorite part is the train ride.

And our cute little guy in his new baseball shirt!

FLASHBACK!! Can't believe this was three years ago....

Monday, May 23, 2011


My favorite thing about spring is getting the yard and garden ready for the summer. I absolutely love it!! With the help of my two kiddos we got our garden started and even got some raspberries planted this year.

Claire wants to help with anything and everything. And if it includes manual labor and getting dirty, all the better.
And how cute is the one sneaker and one cowboy boot combo :)

And how did this little guy help? He hung out in the swing and was good as gold while we worked outside.

And while we were busy getting the planting done, Luke was busy putting up our new concrete fence. He did an amazing job!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stansbury Island

I know this this is a month late but better late than never, right?? Since the weather was cooperating this year we got to go out to Stansbury Island. Yay!!

Here are some of the highlights of the day

Claire got to go on a 4-wheeler ride. At first she was scared but towards the end she kept asking Grandpa to go again.

Crue's favorite part was being held for hours and hours.

Playing in the sand with Claire's friend and cousin.

We have always wimped out and never hiked up with those that participate in the annual "tire rolling down the mountain" event. This year we decided to hike up with them. So here is the deal, years ago my brother would hike up the mountain carrying an old tire and when we could barely see him he would let it roll down with the goal of it going all the way to the bottom without stopping. Now it is tradition with several tires being carried up and half the adults and kids hiking up too.

And of course the Easter Egg Hunt was a hit. I think all the adults brought extra eggs and candy in case someone else forgot. I have never seen so much candy!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Let me re-phrase the question

The other morning I walked into Claire's room and said "How did you sleep last night?" Without saying a word she looked at me, looked at her bed, and had the look on her face that shows she was thinking really hard about something. (Apparently I usually ask her if she slept good.) Then she got on her bed, moved around a little bit so she was laying sideways, sat up to see exactly where she was, layed back down, put her blanket on her, moved around a little bit more, grabbed her stuffed animal, then decided to move her blanket so only half of it was covering her. Then she announced "I think I slept like this last night."

That is totally not what I meant....BUT, she was pretty accurate.

This is one of my favs. She had just been moved into her toddler bed but kept falling out so we moved a big tupperware thing next to it hoping that would help. And apparently she didn't fall asleep right away - Hence the books and the dirty sock right in her face.

Praying in the middle of the night?

And I came home from a church meeting to find both of them sound asleep and crammed into Claire's toddler bed. Bet that was comfy!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I love going to church on Easter Sunday and seeing all the kids wearing their new Easter clothes. It just makes me happy!!

The Easter bunny left some new church clothes at our house too for all of us. Okay, so really I can't say the Easter bunny did because I forgot to mention anything about the Easter bunny to Claire. Poor child, I know. Seriously I didn't even think about it. Yep, great mom that I am. So at Christmas I got wierd looks (and some mean looks too) when people would ask Claire if Santa came and she told them no. (Remember, she was terrified of Santa and asked Luke to call and tell him not to come.) Well, the same people asked Claire if the Easter Bunny came and again she told them no. They must think I am horrible.

I have to admit that it was nice not having her think that Easter is all about the Easter bunny....instead she talked about "Jesus was baptized!! Thats why we celebrate Easter. Hmmm, no....maybe he was resurrected?" Okay, so maybe she had a hard time remembering why we celebrate Easter :)

I must admit I have the cutest kids ever!!