Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Deal of the Day

A few months ago my cousin invited me to attend a coupon class at her house. Not only was the class fun, but I learned a ton.
So this is the great deal I got today at Albertons

2 boxes of Fruit Loops
2 boxes of Kashi cereal
2 boxes of Capri Sun
2 boxes of Taco shells
2 boxes of Pop Corn
2 Mac and Cheese
2 Gallons of Milk

The total came to $46.15
With all my coupons and other discouts I only paid $1.39
(it would have only been $0.39 but I forgot a coupon)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Unexpected Is Sometimes The Most Fun

Yesterday our plans for the day included:
1. Maybe stopping by Ashley furniture to see if there were any great deals.
2. Taking Claire to “This Is The Place Heritage Park” because we thought she would really like it.
3. Then going home.

Instead this was our day.
1. At the last minute, we decided to go look at a yard on the Master Gardner Garden Tour. The yard was so amazing that we stayed for almost an hour instead of the ten minutes we thought we would stay.
2. Went to Ashley furniture. Despite the antics of a well-meaning sales woman, we left without purchasing anything.
3. Next stop was Heritage Park. We thought Claire would love the train ride...and she hated it.

Thought she would like going on a pony ride since she loved it last time...and she hated it.

She did like playing in the miniature houses and the teepee.

And she really liked feeding the cow.

After being rained on most of the time and after trying to change Claire’s diaper in a restroom that does not have a diaper changing station while Luke went back to retrieve the newly smashed tin of altoids that Claire had thrown from the train (at least it wasn’t my phone that she had been playing with)...we decided to leave.

4. Now picture in your mind a little kid on a man’s back with his arms wrapped around the man’s neck and legs wrapped around the waist. Now exchange the little kid with a brown dog that is the size of a kid. Now picture the man riding his bike down a busy street in Salt Lake with the dog on his back. The reason you have to picture this in your mind is because the man and his dog were off the bike by the time we got out the camera and drove around the block.
5. Decided to go home instead of doing any more furniture shopping.
6. Got stuck in traffic on 1-80 since it closed, did an illegal u-turn and decided that going furniture shopping sounded a ton better than sitting on the interstate for several hours.
7. Drove down I-15 going 30 MPH because we got stuck in a horrible rain storm.
8. Walked in to Sofa Mart and walked out 10 minutes later with a new sofa and love seat.

9. Claire had decided she had enough of the car seat and since I-80 was still closed, we crashed at my moms for the night. This is after we called everyone we could think of that could help us get into my moms house since she was not there and we didn’t have a key. Just as we were about to give up and leave, the girl in charge of feeding the dog walked out of the house. I guess we should have knocked first before spending ten minutes on the phone.
10. Got Costa Vida take-out, put Claire down for the night, and spent the rest of the night watching movies with Luke.

It turned out to be a great day!!