Friday, August 15, 2014

School Shopping

I just love getting little notes from my sweet little girl.  
I had fun school shopping with her too.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

..New Perspective..

Yesterday I walked outside and saw all the toys and such that just hours before had put away and got a little bit annoyed.  For just a moment all I saw was the four scooters, two bikes, trike, two sets of roller skates, three baseballs, baseball bat, one pair of little cowboy boots covered in mud, and too many stuffed animals to count all over my front yard.  

Then suddenly the thought crossed my mind of how sad it would be if if I didn't have all these toys scattered around.  They are there because we have been blessed with three amazing children.  They are there because our three amazing children are happy and full of life and love doing what little kids do...riding bikes and scooters, having picnics with stuffed animals, and playing in the mud.  The annoyance quickly turned into a very grateful heart.  

 I had to go grab the camera to capture the moment.  Before we know it our three little rascals will be big and we will no longer see a trike parked in the middle of the grass or stuffed animals set up for a tea party.  Gone will be the muddy shoes from puddle jumping after a rainstorm.  Gone will be the million kids jumping on the trampoline in the backyard and asking if they can have just one more popsicle.  

I am grateful for this little beauty.  She loves sitting outside on the grass in the evening and watching all the crazy kids in our neighborhood.  I love seeing her face light up when her daddy gets home from work.  She is my little sweetheart.  I will just have to overlook the fact that she is slowly turning into a daddy's girl.

I am grateful for my handsome brown eyed little boy.  He drives me insane half the time but I still wouldn't change a single thing about him.  He thinks it is the end of the world if I go somewhere without him and insists on several hugs and kisses before I leave and then fifteen minutes later when I return from the store he will get a big smile on his face and run into my arms while yelling, "You are home.  I missed you so much."  I love listening to his "really great ideas" and how he wants me to sing "Families Can be Together Forever every night before bed. He really is the biggest sweetheart.

I am grateful for my beautiful oldest munchkin.  She is my biggest helper and is so full of life.  She thinks she always needs something to do and loves playing with her friends.  She is smart, happy, and loves to clean when she is bored  .  

 There are so many things I will miss when my kids grow up.
I think I like things just the way they are...mess and all!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Princesses and Superman

We went to the princess/ballerina party again this year that one of the local dance studios puts on as a fundraiser.   Both Claire and Crue were pretty excited to go.  They ran downstairs to pick out the princess dresses that they were going to wear.  Claire chose Rapunzel and after a short bout of tears Crue settled on Superman.  He was furious with me for not letting him dress up as Snow White. 

They got their hair and make up done.  (Crue got some face painting done)

Crue was pretty excited to see one of the girls that will babysit sometimes.

My other little princess

Crue making his superman wand and crown.

Right before we left they had to jump inside Cinderella's carriage