Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween started out Friday night with a Halloween party at the church. We had a blast!! We were just a couple on nerds. Apparently it was either not a great costume or too close to my normal self because on saturday several people (my pops being one of them) didn't realize right away that I was dressed up. Thanks folks!!
Saturday we had planned on going to the zoo to go trick-or-treating but at the last minute went to see the grandparents instead. It was a great day!!

Two nerds in love!!

The grandkids- Back...Kaylie, Korbin, Kyler, Caitlyn Front...Claire, Rilynn, Ben, Andrew, Ethan, Ellie, and Isaac.

Apparently the kiddos didn't think it was too cold for popsicles. Or maybe grandma just wanted the last of her popsicles gone and this was the perfect opportunity.

Luke running in the relay race.

Erich and Alexa and their little bun in the oven that will be arriving at the beginning of the year.

Us with the darker side of Halloween. Ethan, Jason, Xavier, and Memphis.

One of my favs from this year. My step-dad dressed up as Mad Eye Moody.

Me, my mom, and my baby!!

Claire and Ellie. Claire loves Ellie. Every prayer that is given by Claire at our house includes Ellie.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And even more Halloween fun

This afternoon Claire told her doll that today we were going to go to a parade to see some firetrucks, "ambablances", sirens (police cars), and get lots of candy. I'm not sure where she comes up with this stuff...wishful thinking, I guess. She is obsessed with parades. Instead we had to settle on carving pumpkins ;) And why is it that my girl who loves playing with bugs, killing spiders, carrying around a severed foot, and playing in the mud, think that the inside of a pumpkin is disgusting?? So she chose to color a pumpkin and then picked what she wanted us to carve on them. While Luke and I were busy carving she kept telling us "You are doing a good job". There is never a dull moment with her around and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Last monday for Family Home Evening we went to the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lucky Day

Yesterday after going out to lunch with this Hot Guy...

We decided to go here...

to look for something for this...

(halloween costumes)

and instead walked out of the store 15 minutes later with this...

(minus the pads)

and it only cost us this...

Yep, you are seeing that correctly. Only 20 Buckaroos!!!


Luke was so excited to set up the trampoline for Claire that he didn't even want to stay and look for our halloween costumes. We kept her in the house until it was all set up and then took her out to surprise her. Unfortunatley the big smile from Claire never happened. She seemed more confused as to why there was suddenly a trampoline in our backyard. But she did spend most of the remaining hours of daylight on it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling a little bit guilty

Lately Claire has been telling everyone that she is going to be a ghost for Halloween. Is she??? Nope!!! Why not? Well, Claire has a mean mom that thinks that a ghost is kinda boring and I want her to wear something a little more cute. Plus I know that this year is the last year that I will have much say in what she wears for Halloween. And before you think I am too terrible, she didn't decide she wanted to be a ghost until AFTER I had bought the stuff for her witch costume.

Well the guilt of not letting her be what she wants to be is now gone. Yesterday I saw a cute little ghost dress tutorial on the internet so I headed to Walmart the first chance I got. One trip to Tooele, one hour sewing, and $2.70 later, the guilt is gone. She can wear her ghost dress as much as she wants for the next 12 days and still be a cute little witch for Halloween. Its a win-win situation...right?

Oh,and the other thing she wants to be for halloween...."halloween itself"

Whatever that is!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to ruin a good weekend

There are many ways a good weekend can be ruined. Being asked to talk in church at the last minute is one way. Finding out the weather will not cooperate with you plans is another way. And it my case, it was being asked to have a new church calling. I knew my calling in YW wouldn't last forever. But I thought I had at least another year left. I was already anticipating girls camp next summer. I have heard of women crying when they got released from their callings in the Young Woman program But I never thought it would be me. Things don't affect ME that way. Well I was WRONG....DEAD WRONG. Friday night I cried and cried after the bishop left our house. Saturday was a little better but not much. And Sunday I escaped as quickly as I could so I wouldn't cry there. What can I say...I loved my calling. I love the girls. They are so strong. So Good. The best examples. I would love it if my daughter grows up to be like each and every one of them.

The good news is that I have only had my new calling one week and I am already starting to love the primary too.

Girls, (You know who you are)
Thanks for the best two years. Thanks for all the laughs. For all the spiritual times. For all you taught me. I love you all!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More October Fun

Claire is totally getting into Halloween. And the creepier the decorations, the better. She loves the monsters that are hanging from the ceiling at the grocery store and the houses that are covered in cobwebs and spiders. The one thing that does freak her out is putting her hand into a pumpkin to clean it out. Luke had to work today so Claire and I spent the day at the church helping carve pumpkins for Activity Days, making a ghost costume for Claire out of an old sheet (she loves walking around the house making ghost noises), sitting on the porch eating apples with caramel dip that we made last night, and making pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. The only way it could have been a better day is if Luke had been able to spend it with us.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just getting ready

My mom came out to visit for the day and brought a little craft for us to do. It was the perfect craft, easy, finished in less than an hour, and Claire was able to help.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it is so much more fun now that Claire is getting into it. She is constantly singing Halloween songs, pretending she is a ghost, and wanting to make Halloween decorations.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

Sundays are the best. I love going to church with my family. I love teaching the girls in my class. I love taking a long nap or reading a good book while everyone else is sleeping. I love going to visit family. And since last week was General Conference, I love that we can download the talks onto our ipods since Claire wasn't cooperating with us watching it. This is what we did instead while we took turns watching conference while the other person kept Claire busy.

Luke and Claire decided to make some chocolate chip cookies.

Poor Claire actually thought her daddy was going to put this in her mouth...she was disappointed when he put it back in the bowl.

We made ghosts out of garbage bags and colored them.

For once she put down the severed leg and instead dragged the ghost around all day long. She was pretty proud of her little ghost.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Happenings....Seriously, where did September go?

So I have beenputtingoff updating myblog for awhile and I guess I just need to doit. And in case you are wondering,my beautifullittle munchkin spilled a glassof apple juice on thekeyboard and now the spacebar onlysporadically works or is delayed andwill put spaces in the middleof my words. Thinkofallthe great funyou willhave readingthis!!
Anyway, twoweeks ago we went to the Wendover Air show. It was reallyfun gettingout of townfor the day and seeingallthe planes, jets, the carshow,and everything else. Ofcourse the most memorablepart of the whole trip happened before we even got into t he show. Therew as a couple behind us in line pushinga stroller with a babyinside that was about seven months old. Claire put her hand on the stroller and looked at the baby and the dad went crazy. He started yelling at Claire "Just mind your own business, kid!! Just mind your own business!!" Andthe entire time he was yellingthis at Claire, he was jerking the strollerback and forth (with his baby init) really hard to get Claire'shand off. All I haveto say is PSYCHO!! Wewere shocked!! The other people inline were shocked. It is agood thing the guy went intoanother line and got away from us right then because Luke was startingt o get mad. Nobody messes with his little girl!! But seriously, who does that to a two year old?

Here is the planefrom themovie ConAir.

Here are some other September/summer photos thatI just foundand I love.

We went to the Hogle Zoo and loved it. September really is the time to gotothe zoo. All ofthe animals were out...even the ones that are normallyhiding in the shade all summer long. It was great. Since wehave azoo membership I think we will be going backthis year.

EverytimeI see this pictureI want to brush the hairout of her face. Iseriously do her hair constantly but within hours it is inher face. No amount of hairsprayhelps either. But she was so excited when her cousins came out and brought some chickenswith them. Ilove the face sheis making!!

We went to Pine View andhad ablast.

ClaireandI decided to takea breakfrom Fall cleaning. We took aloaf of bread,wentand got akids meal,and headed to Stansbury park to feedthe ducks.