Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Eggs and FHE

We decided to have a short Easter lesson for Family Home Evening and then color Easter eggs. And when I talk about coloring easter eggs, I mean getting out a few markers and crayons to use. There was now way I was going to make some dye for the eggs...not with my little girl who loves to dump things out just so she can clean them up:) All I can say is maybe we will have better luck next year. Claire learned two things really fast....
1. Eggs make a really cool sound when when they are hit really hard against the table.
2. It is just as fun to color on your legs with permanant marker as it is to color on an egg. (My fault, I know. But permanant markers are all that I had since I threw the other ones away)

We took Claire swimming last week for FHE and to say she loved it would be an understatement. It is all she has been talking about since we went. And she has insisted on wearing her "swimsoup" almost everyday since then. She even tried wearing it to church on sunday. Here is her lovely outfit from yesterday....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Highs and Lows...

What a Week!!

Last weekend was our 5th anniversary. All I can say is that the last five years have flown by. Shortly before we got married a friend of mine celebrated her 5th wedding anniversay and I thought to myself "I get imagine being married five years". It is crazy how fast time flies. He was my best friend five years ago and he is still my best friend now. Marrying him was definately the best thing I ever did. We headed up to Midway since neither of us had been there before and we totally enjoyed just hanging out together. And then my dad gave us tickets to a Jazz game.

Not only do I get to spend each day with my best friend, I get to spend it with the best daughter in the world. They both make me so happy.

The moolah that we had set aside for this....

was instead used for this....

The only good thing about our 20 year old dishwasher dying is that we happened to be by this around dinnertime when we were shopping for a new one....

and I think Luke planned it that way.

My new phone quit working (I can hear other people but they can't hear me) on the day that I REALLY needed it to be working.. Claire's first real injury.

I was helping my sister move to her new house when I my mom called to tell me that Claire fell off the couch and might need stiches. So I hurry home totally expecting to run into the house to a screaming kid. Nope, not my little Claire!! The bleeding on the back of her head had stopped and she is just playing and having fun. The only thing she is upset about is that Rilynn is sad. Rilynn is the kid that is traumitized by the whole incident, not ours, and Rilynn is sitting on the couch shaking. So after a trip to the ER, seven staples to close her scalp, a dose of tylenol, the promise of three suckers (a blue one, a orange one, and a pink one, to be exact!!), Claire is good as new. The only upsetting thing about the entire day to her is that we wouldn't let her play on the swings that evening.

I have the absolute best calling ever. Saturday night I went in to the Conference Center with the YW in our ward for the Young Womans Meeting. All I can say is that it was amazing....especially Elder Uchdorff's talk. If you didn't get a chance to hear it, you should definatley go to LDS.ORG and download it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I had big plans for St. Patrick's Day. I was going to get up early and make Luke a green breakfast and lunch and then make some green bows for Claire's hair since she doesn't have anything else green to wear. Ha, Ha, Ha.....I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day until several hours after being awake. I guess that is what happens when you don't even know the purpose of the holiday. So in an attempt to make up for my forgetfulness, Claire and I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with green m&ms.

I think Luke would have preferred that I had forgot completely about the holiday when he saw that I had dyed our dinner green. He said it tasted long as he didn't look at it while eating:)
Doesn't our Chicken Stir-fry look tasty!!!

The best part of the day was definately the nice weather we had. Claire and I spent hours outside playing and trying to get the garden ready to plant. And within minutes of Claire waking up from her nap, she had talked her daddy into taking her out to play on the swings again. Not that it takes much to talk him into doing something for her....she has him wrapped around her little finger.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Proud Mommy Moment

Today when I went to go pick up Claire from nursery her teacher told that the lesson was about the prophet. She said that the second a picture of the prophet was shown to the class that Claire, all by herself, told the class that his name was President Monson. Let me just add that she says his name soooo cute too. And later when they started singing the "Follow The Prophet" song, Claire started singing too. It is just nice knowing that she is listening to the things that we are teaching her. I am so glad that I am her mommy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Review of this Week

The sick bug has been visiting our house this week. It started with Claire and then she passed it on to me. It is amazing how slow the week can drag when you don't really get out and do anything. My mom and aunt came over this week and we tied a couple of baby blankets for all of the new babies that are/have joined our family this year. But other than that, Claire and I have been reading books, watching movies, and just hanging out at home. With all this extra time at home, you would think that I would have the time to update my blog....should have but couldn't think of anything to write a whole post about. So here are a few things I was going to blog about but they are totally random with not alot to say and no pics either.

1. My sister blessed her baby last week. Her little baby wore a handmade knit dress that this wonderful old lady in Chile made for me before I came home from my mission. Panchita was a sweet lady that was unable to walk the several miles to church each week but she would feed us missionaries every thursday and ask us to share a message with her. She made me a really cute baby blessing dress so I could bless my first daughter in it. Well, our first daughter was six months old and wasn't about to fit into this dress when we blessed her. So I was really excited that my sister's little baby girl was able to be blessed in it.

2. I stumbled across a blog that sounded familiar and then realized that a potential birth mother that had been writing us had mentioned this blog. So after a little investigation I found out that this potential birth mother wasn't just (emotionally) scamming us and one other couple like we had orignally thought. She was scamming about ten other couples and I was able to read about all of their encounters with this potential birth mother. It just make me sad that this girl was pretending to be pregnant and playing with the emotions of people who want a child more than anything in the world yet are dependant on another person to make that happen for them.
Adoption is the greatest and most unselfish thing. We are so greatful for our wonderful birthmother for helping us have a family. She is the most amazing person that we know and we love her so much. We are hoping and praying that we will have another special baby join our family through the miracle of adoption.

3. I was hoping to have Claire's big girl bedroom done by now so I could post some pics. But what can I say.....I am a big time slacker. Maybe next week, or the next, or the next.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is Spring Here Yet??

Claire and I have been enjoying the last couple days of nice weather since it probably wont last long. Monday I needed to go to the store so we decided to walk there. The maybe 40 minute walk lasted over two hours...with me pushing an empty stroller most of the way and Claire pointing out every bird, garbage can, rock, and "imaginary" airplane up in the sky. Then yesterday morning Claire discovered my stash of sidewalk chalk and thought it was so cool so we headed outside again to color on the porch....and the cat.

It was Luke's birthday a few weeks ago. I think we are both in denial about him turning 30. He didn't want a party and I wouldn't even buy new candles for the cake. I guess he will be 29 for a couple more years. :) To be completely honest, I think Claire was the one that was totally excited about his birthday. All day long she would walk around the house yelling "Happy Birthday". I let her pick out some balloons for him at the store and she was so indecisive. At first she wanted a Dora balloon but then she spotted a pink octopus balloon. She has had a fascination with octopuses lately....strange, I know. Then she finally settled on an Elmo balloon. She carried those balloons around the house for days.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feelin' Crafty, Anyone???

I have been in a really big crafty mood but I hate working on projects by myself. My normal craft project partners (you know who you are!!)have been cancelling on me alot lately. So is anyone out there interested in having a craft day every once in a while? Just let me know....