Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perfect Days...

Some days are just perfect.
Not because you did anything spectacular.
Not because anything amazing happened.
But just because you got to spend it with those you love the most.
Doing simple things.
Eating popsicles on the porch together.
Swinging in the backyard.
Impromptu water fights.
Playing catch.
Catching grasshoppers.
Doing cartwheels.
Doesn't matter what.
Just being with each other.
Laughing together.
Playing together.
Loving each other.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


At least once every year we try to go up to Pineview Reservoir for the day. Unfortunately Luke had to work this time but I loaded up the kiddos and we headed out for a day of fun.

We spent the day playing in the water, trying to make a sand castle (Crue was ever so helpful!!), going on the wave runner, and just hanging out with the fam.

 Danielle, Abbey, Claire and Rilynn on the water trampoline

 Claire, Rilynn and Crue had lots of fun in the sand even though it was so hot.

Uncle Sam put Crue in the tube to keep him contained for a minute and Crue just thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Between the tube, lots of sand, and full access to a bag of cheetos, he was one happy boy all day long.

Sam was such a big help with the kids but I think we wore him out.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day

Hope you all had a great Independence Day.  We sure did.  We watched the parade, had a bbq in the backyard with lots of family,  played at the park,  and watched lots of fireworks. 

Claire loves You Tube.  Random, I know. Especially since she rarely ever watches tv.  A few years ago her big thing was watching garbage truck videos....the ones where someone followed a garbage truck around for 20 minutes as it emptied garbage cans and then posted it on You Tube.  Well lately her thing to watch is people making cakes.  She loves it!!   Her fav is someone who is explaining how to make a rainbow cake.  She has been talking about it nonstop.  So on Sunday we changed the idea up a little bit and the two of us made Independence Day cupcakes.  She was so excited and instantly ran over to her cousins house to give them each one.  The funny thing is that she didn't eat a single cupcake.  She just wanted to break them in half to see the design inside.

How cute is she!!!

Claire and Crue with some of the younger cousins just after the parade. 

Crue, Claire, Grandma Holly, Sam, Grandpa Holly.  Crue didn't care at all about trying to get candy at the parade.  His favorite part was walking around and seeing how many times he could sneak a drink.

The Fam...Luke had to work this year during the parade but we caught up with him later and went to the park together.

Crue and Grandpa

Fun at the park with Megan

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What A Week!!

Three afternoons spent at Seven Peaks Waterpark
Lots of waterslides
Dinner in the mountains, playing games, hiking, s'mores
More swimming at Deseret Peak
Parade, Carnival, Shopping
Movie night in the backyard with lots of popcorn
Two happy kiddos and two happy and exhausted parents


This little boy is  not a big fan of the water.  After four days at the pool he got daring and let us take a few steps away from him.

Claire loved the slides.

My favorite picture.  Claire wanted to take a picture but was pointing the camera at anything but us so I told her to point at us.  And she did. I hurt from laughing so hard.
My two boys getting ready for a hike.

He may not be a fan of the water but he sure loves the mountains.

Crue got so excited when he was able to go on a ride instead of just having to watch his sister have all the fun.

Waiting for the parade to start.

The only motorcycle she will even be allowed on.

Claire was pretty excited she was able to go on a ride with her little bro.