Sunday, April 24, 2011

Run, Run As Fast As You Can. We're Having a Party in Candyland

Our baby girl turned just turned three. We can't believe how big Claire is getting. This year we decided to have a friend birthday party instead of the family party that we have had in years past.

Her invitations. She had so much fun taking them around to her friends.

The kids had different games they had to play to help them get through candyland.

The first one...
When we play candyland Plumpy was eating plums and growing more and more glum with each bite of his plums. If we were to eat these plums we would grow glum as well and not be able to continue on the path. Therefore each of you will have to smash the plums in order to continue on your way.

Ha Ha...there were only two kids that were willing to pop the balloons...or I guess I should say smash the plums.

The second game....
Lord Licorice has cut down most of the peppermint forest and Mr. Mint is not able to cut down the peppermint trees for whistles and flutes so we will have to grow more trees before we move on.

Jordan and Luke were good sports and let the kids make them into candycane trees using red and white streamers.

The third game
Oh no!! We are stuck in the swamp of molasses and there is only one way to get out of the swamp so that we can continue on the path. We will have to move around a lot playing lollipop lollipop to get all the sticky molasses off.

And then they played the candyland version of musical chairs while listening to 'Lollipop, lollipop'

Then they got to follow the path that led to the table of candy. We ate pizza, sang Happy Birthday to Claire, and opened presents.

Our attempt to get a group photo

And then just when we thought the party was over, the kids decided just to move it to the backyard. They had so much fun.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Big Sis

Luke and I are not the only ones obsessed with this little guy.

Big sister can't get enough of him either.

She runs to get me the second he wakes up and starts crying.

She stuffs the binkie back in his mouth when it falls out...whether he wants it or not.

She constantly asks to hold him

She makes sure he is with us when we say family prayers at night.

She doesn't want him to get bored in the car so she makes sure he has ample stuffed animals to keep him entertained. Apparently this is what she had in mind when I told her we needed to get Crue ready to go. Look close and you might see a baby in the carseat. She gets irritated when I take everything out but her brother and tries to convince me that he really does need it all.

And several times a day she tells us that she is the best big sister...and she is.

Adoption 5K

After running my first 5K on Thanksgiving Day in 10 degree weather, I decided that the next one I ran would be in the spring when the weather was nice and warm. So last week my sister and I ran an Adoption 5K in Salt Lake. The original plan was that Luke was going push Claire in a jogging stroller and Crue would say with my mom and Rilynn at Wheeler Farm and cheer us on. The lovely weather changed that plan in a hurry.

Good news is that I beat my previous time by three minutes and Steph beat her time too.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Cute Tush

Me: Claire, look at the pretty sky.
Claire: Who made the sky for us?
Me: Who do you think?
Claire: Heavenly Father did.

Several second later...

Claire: Mom, who made my face pretty and my tush so cute?
Me: Who do you think?
Claire: Heavenly Father did. And that was nice of Him.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Little bit of this....Lots of that

Here's an update on what we have been doing lately....

Lots of coloring with chalk....I must have the nicest looking sidewalk in town.

Little bit of watching basketball

Lots of cute outfits. And yes, she did wear her snow boots with her spring dress to the store so she could show them off.

Little bit of working in the garden planting peas.

Lots of lovin' our little man.

Little bit of making yummy treats to share....but it felt like a lot.

Lots of feeding ducks

Little bit of crying because the ducks were a little aggresive for the likes of someone.

Lots of smiles while playing at the park during the first really nice day of the year.

Little bit of sleeping while at the park.

Lots of fun with mom and dad at Classic Fun