Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One last game...

We got tickets to another Bees game from Luke's work and Claire was so excited to go. All day she kept telling me that she wasn't going to be a chicken this time, that she was going to go give the Bee a high five. So within minutes of getting to our seats, she has made friends with everyone around us and everyone knows her plans for the night...

1. ride the train
2. give the Bee a high-five and not be a chicken.
3. run the bases after the game with her daddy
4. watch the fireworks

Well this is how she did.

1. They weren't doing train rides that night. She wasn't too terribly disappointed and neither were we since we had gone to a game the week before and went on multiple rides.

2. She spotted the Bee soon after we sat down so me and her were off to give him a high-five. Did it happen? Nope!! We got back to our seats and everyone around us asked her if she did it and she said "No. I am a big chicken!! Bock, bock, bock." It was so funny. She spotted him again later that night and talked her dad into taking her to see him. And again she came back and told everyone that she chickened out.

3. This one was not done either due to the fireworks. She had even talked a young couple sitting next to us into staying for the whole game so they could watch her. (She seriously made friends with everyone even remotely near us). Guess this will have to wait til next year.

4. So this one she accomplished. The fireworks were great. Even Crue loved them!!

Crue was a good sport through the whole game and enjoyed looking around at everyone and playing with a ball that we got at the game. And even though the game was long, Claire is the best entertainment. Here are a few of my favs.

Claire: "Crue, look at the Bee! Crue, you are not looking the right way! You are not going to see him if you don't look now! No Crue, Look THIS way!! Don't you want to see the Bee? Crue, Crue, Crue!!! Look!!!" Finally she grabs his head with both hands and turns it the right direction.

Player is arguing with ump.
Claire: "Mom, why is everyone mooing at the baseball game?
Me: They're not. They are booing.
Claire: "Why?" "Like a ghost?"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Catsup, Ketchup, Catch-up Time

Now that August is pretty much over I guess I better hurry and play catch up before I get too far behind. Especially since I'm not even caught up with July.

The first part of July we headed up to Washington to spend some time with Crue's birth family and we had such a good time. Adoption has blessed our family in so many ways and these great people are definitely included in the list of blessings.

We had a great time swimming,

going out on the boat,

playing in the backyard,

going on a tractor ride. (And might I say it was the biggest tractor I have ever seen. Luke had so much fun driving it he might just become a farmer one day.)

running a 5K,

attending the temple,

and just hanging out.

Then a week after we did the 5K in Washington we ran the Erda 5K. I was interested to see how much the elevation would effect our running. Lets just say, it effects it quite a bit. It was definately easier running at an elevation of about 500 than it is running at 4300.

(me and my running partner)

Long before our kiddos came along we used to camp out on the street the night before the Days of 47 Parade. Well this year we decided to do it again and about an hour later we were packed up and headed to Salt Lake. My mom met us downtown and dropped off my stepdad and took Crue home with her. We had so much fun playing games all night long with my cousins, watching the sporadic fireworks that were going off all night long, and basically getting no sleep. And the parade the next morning was great too. I absolutely love how we have Independence Day and Pioneer Day here in Utah.

Then later the next day after we all took a LONG nap we headed to the swimming pool.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crue Buddy

Our little Crue buddy (as Luke and Claire call him) is five months old. The time is flying by. He is the happiest little guy and is such a joy to have around. During the last month he has

*Started sitting up all by himself. And even though he has been doing it for several weeks he still has this very proud expression on his face everytime he is sitting up.

*Started rolling over.

*Started eating baby food. Carrots are not his favorite at the moment but he sure loves his apricot/banana food.

A few more things about Crue..

* He is still very good at taking naps and sometimes he will even sleep through the night

* He is still a mama's boy...and that makes his mama really happy.

* His sister can make him laugh harder than anyone else.

* He has the cutest little smile.

* He really wants to talk and his daddy can get him talking better than anyone else.

* He makes us so incredibly happy and we are so grateful he is part of our family.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Claire was so excited for swimming lessons until we got there and then she started to panic. I guess she thought that I would be in the water with her since we did the Mommy and Me swim class last year. Luckily one of the teachers was able to talk her into participating even though the little munchkin wasn't too happy about it. Her favorite day was definitely when Grandma came out to watch her. She just loves having someone new to show off for.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

You and me going fishing in the dark

My second year down at Dixie I took a fishing class with my roommate Jennie. I think we both must have been needing a break from all the required classes so we were looking for a fun class. And when we heard that a weekend camping/fishing trip to Lake Powell was required, we quickly signed right up for the class. We had a blast and ever since then I have loved fishing.

Skip ahead several years and one summer night my love for fishing totally changed my life. I thought I was just going fishing with my little bro, my cousin (Heidi), and her hubby (Kelly) but when I got to our fishing spot I noticed that they had brought Kelly's cousin with them. And boy was he hot!! And the rest my friends is history. Now I have the best fishing buddy with me for eternity and I am loving every minute of it. And it is definately a bonus that he will clean fish and eat them too. Hey, I like catching a fish, just nothing else after that.

This spring we started taking sunday drives up to the reservoir to see how full it was getting and pretty soon Claire started talking about going fishing. So one monday night for Family Home Evening we headed up with our fishing poles and tackle boxes. I got to hang out with my little man and watch Luke teach Claire how to fish. I hope she starts to like fishing as much as I do.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
Normally when I have neglected you for awhile it is because of one of two reasons.
#1 Nothing has been going on worth blogging about
#2 I have been so busy I haven't had time.
Well this time I can't use any of those excuses for abandoning you for the last month. To make myself feel better I even thought about coming up with excuse #3 and saying that I'm worn out and still adjusting to taking care of two kiddos instead of just one but that would be a completely untrue. Call me crazy but two is definately easier than one. July has always been a month full of fun and probably ranks up there with December as favorite months of the year. And this July definately didn't disappoint. Our month was full of campouts, swimming, playdates, Independence Day, Pioneer Day, and so much more....but I still could have taken time for you dear blog. I guess my problem is not knowing where to begin. Every night I think of you. Every night after my sweet babies are sound asleep in bed I tell myself that I will not ignore you anymore. Every night I will sit in front of the computer screen and try to decide where to begin. And when I can't decide, I just go to bed instead. Well no more!! We made so many great memories in July that I don't want to forget. So once I get done coming up with an excuse for not blogging, I promise to get you all caught up.