Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

Who bakes the best cookies ever???
Who gets the kids hyper right before bedtime???
Who can fix just about anything???
Who has the best bedtime stories???
Who has movie nights with Claire and will watch an entire Barbie movie with her???
Who is always coming up with magic tricks for the kids???
Who is always helping me with random projects around the house???
...That would be this amazing guy...
I know it is not quite Father's Day but we celebrated it a little bit early this year.  Claire and Crue have the best dad in the world and I couldn't ask for a better husband.  He is hardworking, smart, loving, honest, and so much more. We love him so much.

A little Q&A with the kids....

Question:  What is dad's name?
Claire:  Luke  
Crue:  Quarter  (not sure where that came from)

Question:  What is dad's favorite color?
Claire:  Blue
Crue:   Blue

Question:  What it dad's favorite food?
Claire:  Chow Mein, I think.
Crue:  Dinner

Question:  What is dad's favorite thing to do?
Claire:  Play outside with me
Crue:  Hit the ball

Question:  What is your favorite thing to do with dad?
Claire:  Jump on the tramp with me
Crue:  Monsters and Spider  (Crue is a scary monster and chases us around the house or Luke is a giant spider about to get Crue.  What can I say, he is all boy!!)

Question:  What does dad to at work?
 Claire:  He fixes electricity
Crue:  Plays in the water
(lol...Now that is a dangerous combination!!)

Question:  What is dad's favorite song?
Claire:  I'm so glad when daddy comes home.  (the primary song)
Crue:  Rock a baby

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Princess Party

I stumbled across an advertisement for a Ballerina Princess Party and since we didn't have anything going on that day I loaded the kids up and we were off.   They played princess/ballerina games, got their hair and makeup done, made magical wands, had a tea party, decorated cupcakes, and went on a carriage ride.  The kids thought it was pretty darn neat. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Fan

Claire may have been the one playing t-ball this year but I am pretty sure that Crue wore her uniform more than she did.  He would pull it out of her dresser, dig it out of the dirty clothes, or find it in the dryer.  He loved getting dressed in her uniform, finding her mitt, and then telling me he was ready for baseball.  He even snuck her uniform into his room one night and next morning I found him completely dressed....shirt, pants, socks, shoes, mitt.  He instantly took over one of Claire's t-ball birthday presents and now considers it his own.  I think we may have a baseball player on our hands in a few years.   

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bring it on....

The last day of school came and went.  Claire was pretty sad that school was over for the year but also so excited for summer.  I think we all are.  Here come the lazy days of summer.  We are more than ready for movie nights in the backyard, swimming, picnics at the park, bike rides, and whatever else comes our way. 
Claire's preschool class
Claire and Alabama
Claire attended a summer camp last week and absolutely loved it.
Not a day goes by that these two kiddos don't have a water fight. 

Smores in the backyard

Trying to figure out how to make the squirt gun work.

Decided he likes the battery powered squirt gun better.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Little Boy

Get bath water all over the floor.  Check

Dump out bowl of  watermelon.  Check

Spill milk all over.  Check

Get on chair that dad just barely finished painting.   Check

Drench big sis with the hose.  Check

Tackle cat and pull his tail.  Check

Color kitchen floor with marker.  Check
Yep, we definately have a two year old little boy in the house.
Call me crazy but I seriously love this age.  This little boy of ours is so much fun and has us laughing all day long. 

A few more things....

Crue's seat is just behind mine in the van and since he has a little bit of a clean streak in him he hates to just throw things on the floor and instead will ask me to reach back and get something from him. 
Our conversation from the other day.
Crue: Here mom.
Me: Okay, buddy. Give it to me. 
Crue puts his hand in mine and moves it around but never gives anything to me.
Me:  Are you going to give it to me.
Crue:  Mom, here it is.
Crue takes his hand back and I can tell he is doing something and then once again he puts his hand in mine.
Me:  Come on Crue.  Give it to mom.
Crue: Here mom.
Crue once again takes his hand and does something and then puts it in mine again.
Me:  Crue, what are your trying to give me?
Crue:  My boogies.
I snatch my hand back and sure enough, he had covered my hand with his boogers.

A happily yelling Crue as he runs around the house pushing the alarm on the van keys: I a stinker. I a stinker.
He tries his best at getting out of going to bed at night.  This is how it goes....
Mom, I thirsty.
Mom, need a drink.
Sing a song mom.
Sing popcorn on tree
Milk please.
Sing Sunbeam song
So thirsty.
Dad, I thirsty.
Give sis a hug.
I need hugs.
Dad sing songs please.
Mom, give sis kisses.
Rock me, mom.

He loves to make people laugh especially his big sister and has recently discovered how funny he thinks he is when he says "I tooted".  Of course he waits until just the right time.....prayer time, sacrament meeting, when we are eating dinner at a restaurant.  And it doesn't help that he normally get the reaction he wants from the people around us.