Monday, November 11, 2013

Grandpa Christley and the Fire Station

Several months ago (Yep, I totally forgot I had these pictures on my camera) my grandpa came out for a visit and while here he received an award from the fire department.  He was the fire chief in town way back when.  We ended up having a birthday party for him as well at the fire station.    It has been several years since we have been able to get all the family together and it was so nice being able to catch up with everyone.  I love my family so much.
Grandpa going for a ride.

Me and the girl cousins

 We had many races to see who could get suited up first.  Here is Claire and Ri having a race. 
Claire won this time. 

Claire has the best cousins.
Of course my little man wanted in on the action too.

The highlight of the day for the kiddos was definitely getting a ride on the fire truck.  The great grandchildren were loaded on top and were taken on a ride around the block.  Despite the look on Crue's face, he really did love it and still talks about how cool it was.  So why the sad face??  He had just bought a root beer from the vending machine and was not allowed to take in on the fire truck.    Talk about a traumatic  moment in his little life...he also still talks about how sad it was that he had to leave his drink behind for a whole five minutes.

Halloween 2013

I guess it is time to get the rest of the Halloween pics posted before things get busy with the other holidays.    We had a great Halloween.  Crue was old enough this year to really get into the whole thing and it was fun to see how excited  he would get.
My dad and Holly invited us out to the trunk or treat that they attend at the drive-in theater near their home.  It was our first trunk or treat experience and we had a lot of fun.   We  didn't end up staying for the movie that they show after but maybe we will next year. 
Caitlynn, Ashlyn, Ben, Rilynn, Claire, Crue, and Luke getting ready for the fun to begin. 
Claire, Grandpa, and Ben

I think poor Crue was about done with the Halloween festivities by the time we went to the trunk or treat.  (We had already had one Halloween party earlier that day) I asked him if he wanted to go get some candy and he replied,  "I just want to sit here and eat my dinner." 
My boys!!  They are the best.

We carved pumpkins with Grandma.  I think Crue was just excited to be able to hold the carving knife and stab away at his pumpkin. 
Claire and her puppy pumpkin.
Luke made sure to get off work early on Halloween so we could take the kids around together. 
Their happy faces.
Their silly faces.
 Getting ready to head out for some trick or treating.  They were both so excited. 

Claire liked trick or treating but was the first one to call it quits.  She liked handing out candy back at home just as much.

 Redsox Baseball Player. 
Or if you asked him he would tell you he was "The Sandlot" or "Smalls with a shiner".
Crue thought the whole knocking on doors and getting candy was just the coolest thing ever. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Family Halloween Party

Just some random pictures from the family Halloween party.  Great food, great company, and so much fun. 
Most of the grandkids posing for a picture with grandpa. 
With most of our stuff still in storage, Luke and I didn't do a whole lot this year.  But I don't think we did to bad either since we decided right before the party to be zombies and thirty minutes later this is how it turned out.

 Everyone lined up for the three-legged race.

Even Crue and Ashlyn got in on the three-legged race fun. 

Claire and Rilynn

Toss the donut onto the stick being held in someone's mouth. 

My momma was a zombie too.

Luke trying to get the most "eyeballs" (grapes) separated from the "guts" (spaghetti noodles).
He made us proud and won the game.  Of course, the second the game was over spaghetti noodles starting flying.  Six pounds of spaghetti noodles sure makes for one awesome food fight.

The kiddos trying to get the most candy corn in their cup.