Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let the Embarrasing Moments Begin

Embarrassing Moment #1
Last week while changing Claire’s wet diaper at a public restroom, a lady walks into one of the stalls and within moments she is stinking up the entire place. Claire instantly starts sniffing and loudly saying, “eew, stinky”, “eew, pooh pooh”, “dross mama” (dross = gross). And every time the lady made some sort of bodily function sound, Claire would loudly announce for all to hear “POOH, POOH!!” I was totally embarrassed…..but I bet that poor lady was mortified.

Embarrassing Moment #2
So ya know how when you need to check your little ones’ diaper to see if it is dirty, you just pull the diaper back a little bit and look down to see if it does indeed need to be changed and perhaps you will sniff their cute little bum. Well Claire has starting this new thing that is quite embarrassing but even more so when she does it to some stranger in a very public place……

We were recently attending a high school soccer game since one of my Mia Maids is on the team. Claire and I are sitting on the grass next to a bunch of other people and Ms. Social Bug Claire is just going around saying hi to the people near us when I notice that she is leaning down near this lady’s rear end and is pulling the lady’s pants back as far as she can and getting closer and closer so that she can look down her pants and smell to see if this lady needs her “diaper” changed. And of course, even though this lady doesn’t need her “diaper” changed, Claire starts saying “eew, pooh pooh” while looking down this lady’s rear end. I am sure my face was bright red!!! And we left the game soon after.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I didn’t realize how big of a slacker I was until I realized that our last post was three weeks ago. Man, time flies!!
Well we had a really fun weekend. A Friday night can’t get much better than a husband getting home from work early, taking Claire to the swimming pool for the 2nd time this week…..(and who would have thought that the swimming pool offers a Friday night-date night discount), chinese takeout, a stack of movies, diet pepsi, and a sleeping little munchkin in the other room.

Have any of you watched Chuck before? We hadn't until friday night when Luke rented the first season of it. Its not too bad of a show!!

And we also bought some Kookaburra licorice. Luke recently got me hooked on this stuff and now nothing else even compares.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

And Continued Again....

I should have just made this one really long post but I didn't. Instead you are getting several smaller ones. Anyway, for date night on saturday Luke and I went to a Jon Schmidt concert at the Thanksgiving Point Ampitheater. I must admit that the only reason that we went is because we are obsessed with the Taylor Swift/Cold Play song that he does. The concert was well worth the mile walk from our parking place and then the 30 minutes of standing in line even though we had already had our tickets. The lady behind us in line jokingly said that there must be only one person with a barcode scanner checking the 3000 people in. She was right!!!

Not only was the Taylor Swift/Cold Play song amazing in person but Luke and I laughed so hard our sides hurt when they then combined The Man from Snowy River Song with music from the Terminator movie. Then after that, they combined Phantom of the Opera with the 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' song. It was so funny.

Labor Day Continued...

So here is the rest of what we did on Labor Day Weekend....and the only "labor" part of the weekend. Saturday we spent the afternoon working in the yard. I had asked Luke to tear out the flower garden next to the driveway earlier this summer so I spent saturday working on putting that back together and Luke added a couple new sprinklers in the backyard where they were needed. Claire started out in the front yard helping me but once she discovered that her dad's job included playing in the water and mud, she left me to go help him. I should have taken a before and after of the flower garden but of course I don't ever think of things like that in time.

Labor Day Weekend - Part One

It is beginning to feel like autumn outside and life is starting to slow down again. I love summer and all of the fun that we have but it is nice when fall and winter roll around and life slows down a little bit. Friday night we decided to go to one last Bees game before the season ends on monday. We had a great time and Claire absolutely loved being there....or maybe it was the pumpkin cookies, licorice, french fries, and snow cone that she really liked. Just so you know, we normally don't let her eat this much junk.

Rilynn, Steph, Mom, Me, Claire

The game was great and we won. However, the best part of the evening was when Luke and I bought a thing of fries and ketchup for the girls to share and Steph was holding it for them. Well Claire is a really messy eater and Steph just isn’t used to that since Rilynn is a clean freak who hates to get dirty at all. Claire was really enjoying her fries and was covered in ketchup and Steph really got after her for being so messy and told her that she needed to clean off her face and hands. Claire just stares at Steph during the lecture that she is being given. So what does our little rugrat do next…well, exactly as Steph just told her to do. Claire leans over and wipes her hands and face off...on Steph’s jeans. It was so funny.