Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our newest addition...

We had a new little brown haired, brown-eyed beauty join our family on December 25 and life has not been the same around here. I now have three car seats in the back seat, three babies in the bathtub, going through diaper wipes twice as fast, and some days there is a battle over which baby I need to hold or which baby gets to sit in the cart at the store.

Here she is...
Our wonderful little Sally...

And did I mention that I am getting up twice as much during the night. Seriously!! Sally's is either hungry, scared, or her diaper has leaked on the blankets in her crib and I am supposed to clean it up.

But my heart to melts when I watch my little munchkin singing primary songs to calm down Sally or when she asks me to pick up Crue and hold him so that she can make sure she is holding Sally the right way or when she tries to wash Sally's hair without getting soap in her eyes. She is going to be an excellent mommy one day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adios, Chao, Ciao, Adieu

Goodbye to an absolutely amazing year. A year full of surprises, answered prayers, and a new bundle of joy. A year full of bike rides, movie nights on the trampoline, playing in the backyard, long walks in the summer, baseball games, and picnics at the park. A year full of trials and a year full of growth. A year full of firsts---first day of preschool, first smiles, and first steps. A year full of new friends and new family. And most importantly a year full of lots of laughter, hugs, and kisses.
We are excited to see what comes our way in 2012!!

A little December Update

Christmas time was just amazing this year.  It was full of family, friends, and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.    Here are some of the highlights...

Claire had quite the imagination this month.  She played "waterpark" nearly everyday and  she thought she needed her makeup done all the time.

Making and eating lots of sugar cookies.

Crue got his first two teeth poking through and he has decided he wants to try walking.  Eight steps so far...Wahoo!!

Spent lots of time playing with our two precious babies

Claire insisted she could decorate Santas cookies all by herself and declared that they were "the BEST cookies ever and Santa will just love them."  And he did!

We decided that we really like have Christmas on Sunday.  The day was even more special when we started it out by attending an hour of church.
We watched Claire get so excited about all her presents and then watch both of them play together.

Claire made her first gingerbread house.  And boy was she proud of it!!

Spent time with family

Bowling, eating too much pizza, and playing games on New Years Eve.

Going to Temple Square to see the lights

And going Disco Ice-skating.
(Pictures to come if I can ever find the camera I used)

What a great year!