Saturday, October 4, 2014

10 Months Old

 Our sweet little Anna is ten months old.  This last year has flown by and we are not ready for her to be growing up so fast.  Here are a few things we don't want to forget.

From day one Anna has always hated bath time. She would scream and cry for the whole two minutes it took to give her a bath. This is the first time that she had a smile on her face when we gave her a bath.  I'm not sure what changed this last month but now she loves bath time.   


 I should also mention the reason for giving her a bath this time.  Crue had opened up a bottle of jam (he will literally eat it by the spoonful if he can get away with it) and then left it on the kitchen floor. I walked into the kitchen to find an extremely happy baby Anna  taking advantage of the situation. She was covered from head to toe in jam. 

We were watching my sister's twin boys for a little bit.  Anna crawled right over and just stared at both of them.  She wasn't sure what to think about this.

 She likes to watch me sweep the floor and once I get everything swept into a pile she will crawl over and sit right in the middle of it with a big grin on her face. 

A few more things about Anna.
-She loves to eat bananas and spaghetti squash
- She has started to follow Crue around the house especially when he is holding something in his hand.  I think she has figured out that there is a good chance it is food and at some point part of it will fall on the floor and she will be ready and waiting.  She keeps a really close eye on him when he has a sucker.  She has quickly learned that he is not very good at putting his sucker sticks in the garbage and there is usually a little bit of sucker left on that stick.
-In the last two weeks she has finally got some teeth.  Not one or two, but three teeth with the fourth breaking through  any day now.
-During the last two weeks she has also started walking around with one of those walker toys..
-This last month she has also started to wave hello and goodbye.
-She has been saying "dada" for months but this last month she has started saying "baba" and "mama".  However she only says "mama" when she is telling me she wants her "baba".
-Her favorite thing to do each day is play with the door stops that are attached to the wall.  They make this boingy noise that she just loves.  And when she is tired of that she will unscrew the door stop from the wall, leave it there, and move on to the door stop in another room.
-She is completely a daddy's girl now.  I miss the days when she would only come to me and we would hang out all night long because she would only sleep if I was holding her.
-Our sweet little Anna has several nicknames.  Dad calls her Anna Banana.  Mom calls her Annabelle. Crue's nickname for her happens to be my favorite.  Fo in Anna Anna bo Banna, Banana fanna Fo Fanna, Me My Mo Manna, Anna!!