Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cache Cave

Over the summer we were able to go up the Wyoming and visit Cache Cave.  Cache Cave is a cave that a lot of the pioneers used as a stopping place when they were crossing the plains.  Many times it was used as a shelter when women were giving birth, travelers and animals could seek shelter here and it got its name because early traders would use the cave to store their goods.  The cave is covered with the names of the people who stopped here. The reason for our visit was to see the name of my Great-great grandfather James Palmer who passed through here while on a mission.  
The cave is now on private property and is only open to the public once a year so I am really glad we took the opportunity to go and to teach our kids more about our ancestors.

James Palmer's name in the stone 

Rilynn, Claire, Caitlyn and Crue inside the cave.

Playing some more in the cave.  Every day is an adventure with my little Crue buddy.  Notice the animal bone in his hand??  Well I wish I had when I was taking the picture.  I, however did not notice the bone until much later when he was down on his hands and knees with a bone in his mouth saying "Look mom!!  I am a puppy dog." 

Another random/funny/noteworthy thing about our trip.
So we park the good ol' minivan on the side of a dirt road near the cave and we are literally out in the middle of nowhere. Luke goes to get Anna out of the carseat.

Luke:  Why is Anna still in her pajamas?
Me:  She has had a blow-out everyday this week so I didn't want to get her dressed yet in case she had one on the way here.  Her clothes for the day are by the seat.
Luke:  I am pretty sure she is fine.

Luke picks her up out of the carseat and he notices that he is wrong....way wrong.  Blow-out mess is all over her belly, arms, legs, back, and is currently dripping on his pants and shoes.
My thoughts are that you can either get upset or you can laugh.  I laugh....Luke does not.    And the fact that we are out in the middle of nowhere and this is the worst blow-out yet only makes it more funny to me....and more irritating to Luke.   I couldn't stop laughing which made him more mad so he finally sent me and the other two kids along while he cleaned up him and Anna.  I am pretty sure he used the entire package of wipes with that mess.  And look, he is still loving on his sweet little Anna.

There was this cool hole on the ceiling of the cave so Grandma Holly and Rilynn had me stay inside the cave while they went around up on top.

A view of the cave from the dirt road.

 My full of life, adventurous little boy. 

Just a random picture I found on the internet of Cache Cave.