Friday, October 10, 2014

Firework Performance

Claire and Brexlie were pretty much inseparable all summer long.  I have mentioned before that one of their favorite things to do was make up dances, search their closets for matching outfits to wear for the dance (Tara and I have since just started buying them matching outfits)  make invitations and then come up with a dance.

Well these two cute girls came up with a great idea…they were going to decorate a trailer, have their dads take the trailer down to the park and put it in the middle of the ball field where the town residents will be waiting for the Independence Day fireworks, and then they would perform their new dance (danced to Firework by Katy Perry) for everyone to see while their dad’s set off fireworks behind the trailer.  They were also going to throw out star-shaped sunglasses and candy to all the kids.

We had to change some of their plans but it still turned out to be a great night.  They put on quite the performance.
 Claire and Brexlie spent hours decorating the trailer with balloons, streamers, and chalk. (Plus they spent hours doing a lemonade stand to earn the money needed to put on their little performance.  They bought all the decorations and candy themselves.)

 Brexlie's cousin came to the show and he had put together some sort of scooter club so the girls ended having the scoot club (the neighborhood boys) doing their tricks in the background.  Claire and Brexlie called the boys their backup dancers.  You can't really see it but there are about five boys lined up down the road behind Crue waiting for their turn to go off the little jump that was behind the trailer.  

 Claire and Brexlie doing their dance.  They did such a good job.

The girls with their scoot club backup dancers.

Throwing out candy and glowsticks (couldn't find any star-shaped glasses) after the dance.

It was such a fun night.  We had pretty much the entire neighborhood out to watch the dance and afterwards we did fireworks.  We sure love our little neighborhood.