Monday, October 6, 2014

Skull Valley

As part of the James Palmer Family Reunion a bunch of us got up early and drove out to Skull Valley to see some of the sites out there.  The first place we went to was to see the remnants of one of the houses he built.  You could still see the rock foundation and part of the stone fireplace.
Claire, Grandpa, and Crue

 Here is what is left of the building used to keep their food cold.  Inside you could see where the water would come in and circle around the outside walls before leaving the building. 
Anna, Grandpa, and Crue

We also saw lots of Mormon crickets out there. We were able to place a quarter next to this one without him moving just so you can see how large they could be. Looking at how big they are it is easy to see how they were able to destroy the early Saint's crops so quickly. 

Our last stop was to see the schoolhouse that one of our ancestors built long ago. 
Grandma Holly, Tina, Grandpa Holly, Anna, and Crue